For many homeopaths, Hahnemann’s idea of miasms – which has been repeatedly reformulated right up to the present day – is a vague, outdated idea, whereas other homeopaths base their entire approach on it. The differing interpretations and applications of the idea of “miasms” often invite controversy and cause confusion.
“Spectrum of Homeopathy” aims to demonstrate the development of the wide range of theories from 1828 to 2010, showing their practical application with typical case histories. Rajan Sankaran’s comment sums up what we hope to achieve: “For me, miasm is basically something that should be practical.
”The spectrum of the contributions ranges from the traditional concepts of scrofula and the tubercular miasm via the study of miasms as the precursor of modern trauma theory through to current models of miasm for case analysis by remedy group. With authors such as Louis Klein, Rosina Sonnenschmidt, Jan Scholten, Rajan Sankaran, Mike Keszler, Grant Bentley, Markus Gantenbein, and Alok Pareek.