Since Constantin Hering experimented on himself in 1828, the poison of the bushmaster snake has been a major polychrest. For the differential diagnosis of Lachesis, however, it is always worth considering other snakes in the materia medica. Naja, Elaps or Crotalus share the same themes as their more famous cousin yet have their own unique attributes in terms of reaction patterns, symptoms, and personality traits. The characteristics of the individual snake families and their remedies, as they have carefully been studied by homeopaths over the last 25 years, are discussed and summarized in this issue of our modern materia medica, illustrated with typical case histories.
Following this overview, SPECTRUM presses forward into uncharted territory with a homeopathic expedition to the other Reptiles. Various Turtles, Lizards, Crocodiles and even the remains of Tyrannosaurus rex have now been potentized, homeopathically proved and used in selected cases. With cases of Lacerta agilis, Chelydra serpentina, and other exotic remedies, our authors seek the common factors of the remedy class of Reptiles and the special characteristics of its subgroups.