The current issue of SPECTRUM is devoted to one of the most promising new groups in homeopathy: The Lanthanides – Rare Earth Remedies for our Time. This new homeopathic remedy group was discovered by Jan Scholten and has proven itself worldwide in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. The Lanthanides are suitable for people who put their independence above all else. Clinically proven indications include migraine headaches, Crohn’s disease, a variety of eye diseases with an autoimmune component, dyslexia and rheumatoid arthritis.

This issue summarizes global independent experience with the Lanthanides for the first time. It demonstrates how valuable these new remedies are and how to apply them. Both renowned and previously unknown authors describe their therapeutic results. Through their numerous cases, one will discover not only the general characteristics but a robust remedy picture of each Lanthanide. Thus, this issue provides a solid set of therapeutic guidelines. It is a perfect complement to Scholten’s book Secret Lanthanides. An extra little gem can be found in the quite personal article by Jan Scholten – surprising insights into how he discovered these new remedies.