With Structure, Rajan Sankaran offers insights into the mineral kingdom. This is the second book of a trilogy, following on from the introduction to the plant kingdom. In the two volumes, he describes in detail the individual rows (series) and the various salts with case studies and a schematic overview.

The publisher: After elaborating on his kingdom idea and the sensation level, DR. RAJAN SANKARAN has been consolidating these with a look into each kingdom. STRUCTURE is the second of a trilogy on the various kingdoms, the first being an insight into plants and the third being survival (on the animal kingdom).

This work is the FIRST of a trilogy on the various kingdoms, An Insight into Plants, STRUCTURE is the second and the third being Survival (on the animal kingdom). In the case of the Mineral Kingdom, the periodic table readily lends itself to the task of classification. Its seven rows and 18 columns can be understood, seen and experienced as stages of human development. Such an understanding leads us to prescribe new remedies with accuracy. Rajan’s recent explorations into the rows, backed by several clinical cases, provings and research, have thrown new light on the Mineral Kingdom that makes it significantly easier to recognize the remedies in practice.

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Volume 1 of the 2 volume set only for sale