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Textbook of Materia Medica – Includes Allen’s Keynotes – Easy Explanation

Preface: Considering the numerous practical difficulties encountered by most of the students have a fairly thorough knowledge about Homoeopathic Materia Medica, for some time in the past, l have been thinking to present before them this piece of work for their proper guidance and study. I earnestly believe that this will fill up the vacuum and serve all students Homoeopathy in the study of this vast and important, yet difficult subject, with a view mitigate and solve the everlasting hardship in the confused state of complicated symptomatology of which a student is apt to lose sight of formidable and difficult this task may be found. Nevertheless, every possible attempt has been made to present the individualistic features of every drug to make the study interesting, enjoyable and within easy grasp, after carefully taking into consideration all aspects from the angle and outlook of students. It was my sincere attempt to present as clear a picture as possible of every drug with all-important symptoms, both general and particular, systematically using simple language.

This book not only present outline of Materia Medica, the genius of drug as it is called, but also portrays a clear and faithful image, which remains the sole and ultimate goal of the whole study of the subject As far as I understand, there is no royal road to perfect understanding of Materia Medica. It is really a tedious subject and a drudgery; no less than any great science. It is a difficult subject to study, no doubt. To solve this great hurdle is my humble attempt, for what it is worth. Materia Medica can only be understood but not memorized. All those who make an endeavour to cramp will miserably fail in its application in clinical field. The real study of drug consists in gleaning those symptoms of a more or less general character, which show the way to its proper selection in various ailments. Such symptoms have been incorporated under the head Guiding Symptoms in this work. Numerous repetitions of various general and particular symptoms in a good number drugs have been deliberately made because past experience has convinced me that it is only way of stamping the beginner with a lasting grasp of the Materia Medica to get complete drug picture deeply implanted into the virgin soil of brain. If some fairly easy methods for reasonably perfect and complete mastery are offered, it will be readily and widely embraced, especially by a beginner who roams about in the wilderness completely bewildered. This book is virtually meant for giving students a clear and everlasting drug-picture. With this end in view all possible care; attempt and attention have been taken. I will find endeavour fruitful if this purpose could be fulfilled and all what is expected and intended is accomplished. Last, but not the least, I will only be happy to receive any healthy criticism or suggestion from professors, practitioners and students about this book and the method or style of presenting a drug, so that they may be duly incorporated if found worth-while in subsequent editions.