George Vithoulkas lectured in this seminar on treatment tactics for patients who show several layers of pathology compared to patients who need constitutional prescribing. One important focus in this seminar concerned the differential diagnosis of fear and anxiety states.
Another topic of importance was the need to discriminate between real symptoms produced either by the patient’s circumstances or by the administration of previous wrong treatment. Several brilliant and instructive video cases and their follow-ups where shown as illustration. Two of these cases were life threatening; through his handling of these cases Vithoulkas showed that a homeopath must remain very perceptive to all that he encounters during the interrogation.

He stressed the importance of correctly determining pathology as well as evaluating the changes following the administration of a remedy. Vithoulkas also explained what changes must take place when the remedy has really begun to be effective. Furthermore, he showed how easily the practitioner can be overwhelmed by the interrogative situation, and how this can lead the practitioner to misinterpre the patient’s reaction to the remedy.

Table of contents:

Constitutional prescribing
Differential diagnosis of the anxiety states of some important remedies
Case 1: Stein-Leventhal-Syndrome
Case 2: Pneumonia
Case 3: Cerebellitis
Case 4: Anxiety
Differential diagnosis of the lack of self-confidence of some important remedies