A survey of past, present and possible future research on homeopathy. Summarizes current empirical and clinical evidence, including animal and laboratory experiments, and discusses the relationship of homeopathy to topics including complexity, information, integration, homeostasis, biophysics, chaos theory and fractals. The publisher: Description: In this updated reissue of their classic Homeopathy: A Frontier in Medical Science, Italian physicians Paolo Bellavite and Andrea Signorini thoroughly examine previous and current literature on the science of homeopathy in order to discover answers to the elemental questions about homeopathy. Bellavite and Signorini engage in a fascinating discussion of the biophysics of water, biological effects of electomagnetic fields, chaos theory, and fractals.

The Emerging Science of Homoeopathy – Author Biography: Dr. Paolo Bellavite is Associate Professor of General Pathology at Verona University School of Medicine in Italy. Dr. Andrea Signorini is a homeopathic medical doctor who specialized in clinical biology while earning a medical degree at the University of Verona in Italy. Reviews/Endorsements: “The Emerging Science of Homeopathy is the best available scientifically knowledgable assessment of this field. If there is any truth, as there appears to be, to some of the claims of homeopathy, pusuing this line of argument is ethically imperative for the benefits of humanity and for the advancement of science.” – Michael Lerner, Ph.D.