This book is the result of many years of patient observation of cattle ailments and their relevance to homoeopathic treatment.

The Discovery of Homoeopathy
The Preparation of the Homoeopathic Dose
Case Taking and Selection of Remedy
Choice of the Correct Potency
Administration of the Remedy
Treatment of Conditions
Skin Disorders
Bites and Stings
Digestive Disorders
Calving Problems
Constitional Remedies
Case Histories
by Philip Hansford and Tony Pinkus BPharm., MRPharmS

In writing this book we have attempted, within the limits of it’s small canvas, to paint the bigger picture of Homeopathy, that holistic therapy which at its heart accentuates the importance of the individual as a key to cure. We pay special attention to the beginner, and every endeavour has been made to enhance the understanding of the subject by explaining the principles simply and presenting treatment regimes in a pragmatic way. Our main aim being to empower the owner to treat his or her own animal safely and effectively.