If you are a homeopath, it will not surprise you to hear that this is primarily a book about homeopathy and in only a small way a book about hyperactivity. Homeopathy is holistic: we treat people, not conditions. To discuss the homeopathic treatment of a particular condition is to create at best a verbal shortcut and at worst a distortion of the whole enterprise. In this book, therefore, is a treasure trove of insights about using homeopathy in light of any health condition, physical or otherwise. There are skills here for case taking, case analysis, the use of the repertory, and Materia Medica differentiation that can be applied in any and every case. As a sort of bonus, because the cases presented here cluster around what modern diagnosis has dubbed “hyperactivity,” there are specific tips for approaching cases with this condition, especially in children. But readers seeking universal protocols for treating hyperactivity will do better to look elsewhere than homeopathy, and elsewhere than this book.