Detailed introduction to this disease with the therapeutic possibilities and interesting reports of healed cases, in which the patients were cured for at least two years. Also contains a remedy proving of Aurum ars, which has proved to be an important remedy for borreliosis.

The publisher:

We are very pleased to present the English translation of Peter Alex´s book on the homeopathic treatment of Lyme Disease, first published in German in 2005. The importance of this work cannot be overstated. In addition to the clarity of the author?s presentation on the usefulness of Homeopathy in the treatment of Lyme disease, we also are gifted with his insight into the nature of epidemic disease, our positive interrelationship with bacteria and the trouble that may result whenever we disregard nature?s laws. Written for the homeopath as well as the lay person interested in getting to the cause of illness, this booklet contains a wealth of philosophical information as well as cogent practical advice for the treatment of Lyme disease.
Lyme Disease is a difficult to treat multi-miasmatic illness that is reaching epidemic proportions in parts of the US, Canada and Europe. German physician and homeopath Peter Alex dissects the nature and compound sources of this ailment and offers clear principles, remedies and cases dealing with its treatment using homeopathy.

The pros and cons of homeopathic prophylaxis are clearly presented, as are protocols for after-the-bite treatment.

“Lyme disease is one of the most misunderstood of modern conditions. In conventional medical circles its treatment varies considerably, often with meager results. Homeopaths should understand this complex disease state and be prepared to treat it. This book is an excellent guide. It will truly help in understanding how homeopathy can effectively cure this condition”
– Richard Pitt, RSHom, CCH