Everything you need to know about why to choose homœopathy with case studies.

Homeopathy is one of the most dynamic forms of medicine in the world today, capable of producing profound, lasting healing. It is enjoying growing recognition worldwide, and the media is devoting more coverage to homeopathy than ever before. The National Institutes of Health recently included homeopathy as an area of alternative medicine that merits further research. We feel fortunate to be part of a new generation of homeopaths who are committed to promoting and perpetuating this highly effective form of natural medicine. (93 pages)

Table of Contents include:

1. Homeopathy: Roots and Renaissance
2. What in the World is Homeopathy?
3. Why Choose Homeopathy?
4. From Snake Venom to Squid Ink
5. The Unique Preparation of Homeopathic Medicines
6. Getting to Know the Patient from the Inside Out
7. Do’s and Don’ts for Homoepathic Patients
8. What Do I Need to Know About Homoepathic Treatment?
9. Real Patients, Real Cures
10. How to Find the Right Homeopath
11. Making the Most of Your Homepathic Treatment