This book gives an account of the history and theory behind Schuessler’s biochemic therapeutic method, developed in the 1870s, followed by a materia medica, therapeutic indications and a clinical repertory of the 12 tissue salts. This is the 5th edition Reprint

The steadily increasing demand for this work has exhausted five large editions and necessitated the preparation of a sixth edition. What was intended originally as a mere suggestive guide to the use of a set of valuable remedies has developed by the demands of the profession into a volume comprising the whole of our present therapeutic knowledge of the so called Twelve Tissue Remedies.

Information is compiled largely from every available source to supplement the author’s personal experience and knowledge of these remedies. All the published data have been made use of but thoroughly sifted and critically examined. In its present form, we believe this sixth edition will be found a reliable guide to the use of the Tissue Remedies in disease, not only as far as possible, according to the distinctive theory of Schüssler, as corrected and modified by him up to the time of his death, but especially according to the finer and more discriminating method of Hahnemann.