When I first saw this book in Curitiba, Brazil, I knew immediately how much work had been involved in the project of making it. This kind of work can only be done by those people that not only invest their time but also give their soul to the project. If one wants to understand the mental pictures of our most original remedies, of which most are polychrests, this book is the book of choice. In a very careful way Jose Mirilli has listed keywords/themes, around which a complete network of information has been spun. About 300 themes quoting around 11000 Pure Materia Medica symptoms. First of all there are the Complete Repertory rubrics organized by themes and the complete PMM text remedies around that theme, coming from the original proving MM and indicated as such together with the specific number of the symptom of the original text. This is the basis of the work enriched by lists that indicate relationships between themes, relationships between words belonging to the same and different themes, a analogical-index that can function as a repertory and in doing so reveals a lot of unknown information and last but not least a complete listing of all Repertory’s symptoms related to themes. Since there is not much to add to this work for the sources used we can only ask the author when he is going on, taking this work to it’s next step: the same for the other remedies of our MM.