Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathy & Repertory

by Madrewar B.P. & Glencross M.

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This is a complete book on the science of veterinary homœopathy, with full details on the scope & limitations, homœopathic therapeutics &  some information on supplements.

With over 400 pages packed full of information this will keep you busy.

Dr. B. P. Madrewar,  has written this book on the much needed but hardly touched field of use of homœopathy in livestock.  This book shows how homœopathy is an effective, inexpensive therapy  and less harmful in terms of side-effects.  This book will be of immense help to practising veterinarians, students and to those interested in homœopathy in general. The chapter “QUICK PRESCRIPTION” will be helpful from practical point of view especially to livestock owners.

More & more vets and animal owners  all over the world are increasingly becoming interested in homœopathy & helping their animals naturally. The book presents some invaluable knowledge regarding the homœopathic approach to diseases & prevention, therapeutics,  along with a supplementary Materia Medica of different remedies  & a repertory by Mathew Glencross to help you choose the correct remedy.