Think Homoeopathy by Maureen Johnson

by Johnson, Maureen

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Perfect for home use, this book has chapters on homeopathic principles, prescribing guidelines and 32 Remedy descriptions and their uses. There is a handy Acute Remedy Chart at the back of the book which is useful for quick prescribing as well serving as a guide for further reading about remedies. Spiral bound with a glossy cover.

Maureen ran her homeopathic clinic on the North Shore for 26 years. She had a special affinity with children, mums and babies and regularly taught
6 week introductory courses to young mums, midwives and nurses. She taught them the first aid remedies, and how to treat acute symptoms effectively. In fact, Maureen’s introductory courses were so effective that many of the participants later went on to study and become homeopaths themselves. In 2004 Maureen published her own book ‘Think Homeopathy – A Self-help Approach to Homeopathy’ – an invaluable handbook for self-help and first aid.

Think Homeopathy gives consumers a concise but comprehensive guide to the use of the common homeopathic remedies for use by the home prescriber” – Susanna Shelton