The Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference Brisbane 4-5th Nov 23 by Raia Kousary

The Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference was held in Brisbane on the 4-5th of November 2023 – the first ‘in person’ conference since the outbreak of Covid 19. It was fantastic reconnecting with people we had not seen in years and meeting new colleagues. As my husband said to me “I’m glad you’re with your tribe” and yes, I was. A colleague commented “It’s so good spending a weekend with people where you don’t have to explain what you do”. I know I am not alone in saying that I left the conference with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment to the practice of Homoeopathic Medicine.

The keynote speaker – was the very engaging, world renowned Canadian Homeopath, Kim Elia who was inspired to study homoeopathy when he read Gandhi’s quote, ‘Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment.

Kim has been sharing homoeopathy with a worldwide audience for 32 years and is CEO of WholeHealthNow an online homeopathy resource. He is the developer and principal instructor of the four-year classical homoeopathy program at the Hahnemann Academy in Japan.

He spoke about cases where the Hahnemannian practice of homoeopathy was not effective and explored other approaches to help the patient such as taxonomical groupings, bowel nosode’s and other forms of practice which lie outside the ‘classical’ practice of homoeopathy.

Kim showed a trailer of a feature length film on Homeopathy being made for Netflix, which makes it clear that Homeopathy is a powerful healing modality that changes lives. To take a look at it and donate visit – https://introducinghomeopathy.com.

Dr Gustavo Bracho the former Vice President of the world renowned, Finlay Institute in Cuba, was the other main presenter, who captivated our hearts with his humility, courage and of course his knowledge. His presentation was all the more powerful because he is not a Homeopath but is lending such a powerful support to the profession. His expertise encompasses – immunology, vaccinology, molecular and cellular biology, data analysis, epidemiology, ultra dilutions and nano particles. Dr Bracho’s background as an expert in adjuvants for vaccine development at the Finlay Institute in Cuba, gives him a unique perspective on infectious disease prevention.

He presented the background to and the results of large scale homoeoprohylaxis carried out in Cuba for Leptospirosis – with millions of Cuban citizens – in addition he showed research on HP with dengue fever, hepatitis etc – the results were truly inspiring. Homeopathy has huge potential practical utility in controlling epidemic diseases. Not only were the remedies highly effective but they were affordable and quick to make in a country with few resources.

The latest information about this study is that the effectiveness of the intervention is still holding after so many years have elapsed. We are very happy to report he has relocated to Australia and is continuing research on ultra dilutions and nano particles.

There were of course to many great presentations to cover them all here, but a sample are:

Causes of Childhood Autism in Plain Sight was presented by Nyema Hermiston, President of The Aurum Project, Australia’s homeopathic research organisation. She runs the Karuna Health Care Clinic with her husband Jon Gamble. Nyema’s background as a Registered Nurse and Naturopath has served to complement her Homeopathic practice.  Her special interests are acute primary care and child health.

During Nyema’s presentation – there was a case history of a little child who responded well to a supplementation of iodine, which reinforced the need to look at various causations when starting the treatment of ASD. There are so many causations which seem to receive little attention: iodine deficiency, chemical overload and indoor and outdoor pollution being just a few of them. Making use of this information, which is readily available but not currently widely discussed is imperative.

Nyema said that in mainstream medicine “other than early intervention with speech and behavioural therapies, there is no recognised treatment or prevention strategy for ASD”. Homeopaths have a huge role to play. Through ascertaining causes and identifying obstacles to cure from the literature, homeopaths can develop pathways to use targeted ASD treatments. Additionally, current research can inform Homeopaths on how to educate families about protecting their future children from developing ASD.

Treating Post viral Long Covid – Jon Gamble co owner of Karuna health with his wife, Nyema Hermiston. He is a Homeopath, Naturopath and author.  Jon has skill in unravelling complex chronic cases. His special interest is treating chronic conditions where medical treatment has not been successful. He is experienced in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and disorders of childhood.

He shared his clinical experience in treating post viral long covid which includes a wide variety of symptoms from ongoing severe fatigue, brain fog, sleep disorders, headaches, neurological symptoms, recurring infections, poor exercise tolerance, muscle pain, and fibromyalgia.

He uses a complex homeopathic remedy made from the nodoses of four viruses. Denoted by the name Antiviral (JG). This remedy complex he has found to be the single most curative remedy used in cases where there had been no evidence of pre-existing disease phenomena prior to the inciting viral illness

Hormonal Disorders and Homeopathy in Elite Female Athletes was presented by Sarah Penrose, a Homeopath residing in New Zealand. Sarah spent her first decade in practice in the outback Pilbara region of Western Australia. She currently oversees the Australian Homoeopathic Association’s research portfolio and is a regular contributor to Homeopathic Journals.

Sarah looked at both research studies and case studies of female athletes with over training syndrome, PCOS, infertility, low libido, candida and Hashimoto’s disease.

There were of course many other great presentations, these are just a sample. The challenge sometimes was which concurrent session to attend.

There was a room filled with wonderful poster presentations, a lot from the Aurum Project (Australian Homeopathic research-based organization). Looking at research projects on Homeopathy with UTI’s, molluscum contagion, Psoriasis, tauopathy, chronic fatigue and Hypothyroidism. One looking at homeopathy in the Soloman Islands – where it has been in use in the community for nearly hundred years following the arrival of Christian missionaries who imparted some Homeopathic knowledge and left remedies.

A huge thanks to the organisers for all the work that goes into putting a conference on and all the presenters for their inspiring contributions. Hope to see you at the New Zealand conference (6-8th September 2024) and/or at the Australian Homeopathic conference in 2025.

Raia Kousary
Homeopathic Practitioner
AROH 10-122