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We are a charitable organisation dedicated to raising awareness of and supporting the growth of homœopathy in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Homeopathic Society is operated entirely by volunteers and extends an open invitation to individuals interested in joining the committee or contributing their volunteer hours.

Are you ready to commit some of your time to help the Society in achieving its mission and supporting the promotion of homeopathy?

Become part of our volunteer team, forge new connections in the homeopathic community, establish new friendships, and acquire valuable skills. We are a close-knit group that works together harmoniously and takes pleasure in the journey.

Occasionally, we actively seek volunteers for specific roles, or you may possess a particular skill or available time that can be of assistance. Keep an eye out for specific committee or volunteer roles advertised on this page.

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Volunteer role - Newsletter Coordinator

Do you have a deep passion for Homeopathy? Are you enthusiastic about reading Homeopathic articles and books, and enjoy uncovering valuable homeopathic information from various sources worldwide, including other homeopathic organizations and both old and new publications?

Are you willing to dedicate some of your time to assist the Society in fulfilling its mission? Our organization is operated entirely by volunteers, and we are currently seeking someone to take on the volunteer role of Newsletter Coordinator. In this role, your primary responsibility will be to gather suitable content throughout the year, organize it, and prepare it for publication.

Please note that this role does not involve creating the newsletter on Mailchimp; it focuses solely on content curation. We’re looking for someone who can effectively collaborate with the newsletter producer.

This opportunity is open to any member with the necessary skills and a genuine interest in Homeopathy. Whether you’re a home user, a student of homeopathy, an allied health professional, a practicing homeopath, or simply passionate about homeopathy, we welcome your participation!

Time frame:

Role is available anytime from now onwards. The next newsletter is due out in January 2024. The current editor is still available to continue in the role but is needed to fulfill other roles within the Society so handover, assistance or guidance where needed is available.

The position is currently open and can be filled at any time. The upcoming newsletter is scheduled for release in January 2024. The current editor is required to fulfill other responsibilities within the Society so would like to lighten her workload. Therefore, support, guidance, and assistance will be provided as needed during the transition.

The responsibilities include:

  • Identifying appropriate content throughout the year.
  • Organizing and storing the content in Google Drive.
  • Quarterly preparation of a document with the content structure for the producer to work off to. We have a Newsletter Content Planner sheet for reference.
  • Collaborating with the producer the week before publication to address any content-related inquiries.
  • Thoroughly reviewing the draft newsletter for any necessary corrections or edits before it is distributed by the producer.

Desired attributes for the role:

  • Structured and systematic
  • Dependable
  • Capable of adhering to deadlines (quarterly newsletter released in January, April, July, and October)
  • Proficient with computer skills, particularly familiar with Google’s suite of tools (Gmail, Google Drive for storage, Google Docs).

Average time commitment per quarterly newsletter includes approximately 3 hours for content preparation to hand over to the producer, with additional hours spent throughout the year on content sourcing.

To apply please email