NZHS Supporting Homoeopaths,
To Support Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy’s Future Depends on Professionals Like You

The Society’s work is important because the future of homoeopathy depends on professionals like you. And professionals like you, need industry support to continue developing your skills and running your business.

NZHS Member Support

For homoeopathic treatment and practices to be perceived as relevant by the general public, industry-specific support and advocacy are critical. This is where NZHS can help.

Access to Resources & Funding

Through an NZHS membership, you receive access to resources and funding for your ongoing homoeopathic professional development, and business marketing.

NZHS Mission – To Advocate Homoeopathy for the NZ General Public

The Society’s mission is to raise awareness about homoeopathy, by providing reliable information about its scope and benefits, as well as when consultation with a professional homoeopath is needed for complex and chronic conditions.

This mission is partly funded by Society membership fees.

Benefits of an NZHS Membership to registered homoeopaths:

  • Homoeopath Funding for Community Short Courses - $200

    NZHS will support homoeopaths to educate the general public about homoeopathy. NZHS provides funding for homoeopaths to run short courses or information sessions on homoeopathy in their local communities. These are ideally in person but can be online. NZHS is open to your feedback on this program to continue meeting registered homoeopaths’needs.

  • Homoeopath Funding for Study Groups/Meetings - FREE

    Held at the NZHS reference library in Rotorua, or using the excellent NZHS collection of contemporary and historic books and journals for research. While visiting the library, a tour of Naturo Pharm facilities is invaluable to gaining insight into their production techniques for their creams and remedies.

  • Research Scholarships – $300

    NZHS scholarships are for project research at the NZHS reference library. To apply for a scholarship, submit an outline of your project to NZHS. On completion of your research, NZHS requests a brief article about your experience using the library.

  • NZHS Social Media ‘Homoeopath of the month’ – $50

    This program has been successfully running for over two years and is an opportunity for homoeopaths to promote their business to the New Zealand general public via NZHS social media pages. Your post will be boosted (a marketing tactic that can exponentially increase the number of people that see your content) in your particular area, to the value of $50. This program also helps you get to know other registered homoeopaths locations and specialties.

  • NZHS Quarterly Newsletter – eHomoeopathica $FREE Marketing & Content

    The informative NZHS quarterly newsletter is aimed at the general public and is designed for you to use as part of your business marketing. It’s a great FREE tool to keep in touch with your patients, by leveraging the hard work the Society has done for you.

  • NZHS eBook – $FREE Marketing & Content

    When you refer a patient to sign up to the NZHS website for a free copy of the NZHS Homoeopathy at Home eBook, you promote using homoeopathy in the home and show your business is part of an industry network with reliable resources. The best part is NZHS has done all the hard work in creating this for your clients to access.

  • Professional Alignment with NZHS Work – Advocating for Homoeopathy – $Free

    Strength is in numbers and NZHS advocates for the consumer voice for homoeopathy in New Zealand. The Society has a growing database of people who love and use homoeopathy. As a paid Society member who refers patients to sign up to the NZHS website, your professional standing is aligned with building a powerful voice for the future of homoeopathy in New Zealand.

  • Social Media – $FREE Marketing

    NZHS’s main connection to the general public is through social media, via two to three posts a week. These posts have reliable and engaging information, and promote the NZHS bookshop and our ‘Get Well Soon’ book by Misha Norland. NZHS is working hard to promote the use of homoeopathy in New Zealand, which will promote business for all homoeopaths. By sharing NZHS social media posts on your own business and personal pages you have an ongoing source of reliable and engaging content for your followers. So please share liberally.

  • Bookshop – $FREE resources

    The NZHS bookshop is run by volunteers and turns over $30,000 in books every year. Please contact NZHS with any new titles you hear about so the bookshop can remain up to date and relevant for registered homoeopaths’ needs.

  • Professional Support – $FREE

    Being a member of the NZHS provides you with funding, resources, and marketing support, which in turn adds to your standing as a reputable healthcare provider. Successful businesses have an impact within the community, and the NZHS is here to support your business by working alongside you to advocate for the future of homoeopathy.

Funding Success

Here’s how easily a NZHS membership can benefit your business.  Last year a member who received a funding package ran a six-week ‘Introduction to Homoeopathy’ course in her local community.  A few became patients.  Her students were so pleased; they asked her to run a second course to further their knowledge. Her NZHS membership more than paid for itself with the funding she received for her first course.

NZHS Membership Fee

An NZHS membership costs just NZ $45 per year.
For this small annual fee, you have all these potential benefits:
Funding for Community Short Courses $200
Scholarship $300
Facebook ‘Homoeopath of the Month’ (boosted) $50
Total $ value $550

Non-Monetary Benefits

Homoeopath Barbara Roberts, recently visited the NZHS library, in preparation for writing some articles. She said:
“It’s an amazing place to study Materia Medica, old texts as well as more recently published books that included information on new remedies – Sophora Microphylla (Kowhai),  Alcoholus and Culex Mosquito – as well as old Homeopathica journals to the British Homeopathic Association magazines, the US Homeopathy Today and Spectrum, and shelves devoted to Tissue Salts and Flower Essences.” It’s hard to put a monetary value on things that are just, invaluable.

True Value of a Society Membership

Getting $$$ of value for a $45 investment is impressive enough, but then add the non-monetary membership benefits:

    • access to the Society’s bookshop
    • access to the Society’s library, study/meeting rooms
    • free marketing resources to use as your own
    • alignment with a reputable industry voice advocating for the use of homoeopathy

Adding up ALL the benefits shows the true value of a Society membership for such a small investment of NZ $45 a year.

Please click here for a Society membership.

NZHS Membership Pays for itself

Even gaining just one extra patient through the Society’s ‘Homoeopath of the Month’ campaign more than pays for the annual NZHS membership fee, so as you can see an NZHS membership makes a lot of sense.

Click here to sign up for an NZHS membership.

Secure Homoeopathy’s Future

With over 120 registered homoeopaths in New Zealand, the future of homoeopathy needs every single one of us to support each other’s businesses, and work cohesively to promote the use of homoeopathy in New Zealand.

The majority of Society members are homoeopaths plus other interested parties – the public \ homoeopathic  pharmacies \ college \ homoeopathic businesses, etc.

An NZHS Membership Secures Your Future

With a paid NZHS membership you are advocating for the right of New Zealanders to use homoeopathy as a chosen health modality.

Please click here to join the New Zealand Homoeopathic Society, and secure your future to continue doing the work you believe in.

Warmest Regards
Rebecca Stirrup
New Zealand Homoeopathic Society